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Short-term, medium-term, and long-term outcomes

small photo of a plantRemember, outcomes can be observed in the short term, medium term, and long term. Start with an achievable, measurable short-term outcome, then ask “what happens next?” Then “what happens after that?” In this way you show how you assume the program leads to long-term outcomes or goals. Examine the examples below.

examples of outcomes by term length

Plan to evaluate short-term outcomes, but check whether you have the time and money to evaluate any medium- or long-term outcomes. For example, see the Denver Firefighters Museum case teaching fire safety to children with the long-term goal of reducing the number of children as fire victims, but the outcome is medium-term: “children demonstrate knowledge of fire safety” as tested in a teacher-administered survey 4 weeks after their museum visit to see if they can identify the safest way out of their house in case of an emergency.

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