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Press releases

A special kind of report that can be useful is a press release. And when you highlight outcomes, you are telling the story in terms your community cares about—how you improve their lives. You can get publicity and attract supporters throughout your program by preparing press releases:

  • To celebrate a grant starting your program
  • To announce the rollout of services
  • To report the success of your program

Write the press release: Indicate who, what, when, where, and why. Mine your Logic Model for content.

Distribute your release:Develop relationships with local publications and media that carry stories about programs in the community. Clip or save good examples for a file you keep. Develop a distribution list, including newspapers, television stations, news, and wire services, and fax your press release. Follow up with a phone call to confirm receipt and to “pitch” the story. Include a picture if possible.

Click each of the photographs below to see examples of press releases.

Print Sources*
Public Service Announcements*
press release for print sources in new window public service announcement in new window

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