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Aten, Luan. “How to Write a Press Release”  Accessed 8 May 2006.
Basics of writing and formatting a press release.
Frechtling, J., Sharp, L. & Westat, Inc. (1997, August). User-friendly handbook for mixed method evaluations, [website of Directorate for Education and Human Resources & Division of Research, Evaluation and Communication]. Retrieved August 10, 2005, from
This thorough 131-page handbook for the National Science Foundation, provides excellent guidelines for a variety of institutional program reports. The document’s nine chapters are divided into Introduction to Mixed Method Evaluations, Overview of Qualitative Methods and Analytic Techniques, Designing and Reporting Mixed Method Evaluations, and Supplemental Materials (that is, an annotated bibliography and glossary).

Pearson Education, Inc. (2004). Analyzing quantitative data. Retrieved on August 11, 2005, from
Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall established this electronic resource for educational research. The URL for this module is designed to build statistical analysis skills, consisting of an overview of how descriptive statistics are used to describe demographic characteristics of a sample, performance on tests, data analysis, and research questions.

United States Government Accounting Office. (1992, May). Quantitative data analysis: an introduction. Retrieved August 11, 2005, from
The United States Government Accounting Office produced this inclusive document on how to report to their Program Evaluation and Methodology Division. The first chapter is an introduction to guiding principles, quantitative questions, attributes, analysis, variables and measurement for report writing.

United Way of America. (2005). Achieving and measuring community outcomes: challenges, issues, some approaches. Retrieved August 11, 2005, from United Way shares its experience of the implementation of Outcomes Based Evaluation in over 280 agencies. The report outlines selecting appropriate outcomes to achieve, developing a strategy for achieving the intended outcomes, creating and implementing an action plan, identifying indicators of success, measuring the selected indicators, and linking program outcomes to community outcomes in the reporting process.
Xpress Press. “How to Write and Format a Press Release for E-mail Distribution.”  Accessed 8 May 2006.
Instructions, sample, when to send a press release.

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