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Planning with the end in mind

Logic models not only help you plan programs for desired outcomes, they help you write reports. By organizing your inputs, activities, services to achieve outcomes, you’ve got a ready-made structure to communicate your program to others.

With OBPE, you’re preparing to write the final report from the very beginning. Let’s see how the textual Logic Model you’ve been filling in for your program will help.

What kinds of records will you need to keep?


  • What did we use?
    Facilities, materials
  • How much did we spend?
    Costs by budget items
  • How much did we consume?
    Data on % effort of employees, # volunteer hours

Activities & Services

  • What did we do?
    Description of activities & services in Logic Model (Did you create a Timeline or a document noting staff roles and responsibilities?)
  • How much did we do?
    Quantity of Activity Y, Service Z
  • To whom?
    Audience characteristics


  • What did we achieve for the target audience?
    Report on indicators for outcomes

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